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Addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Ontario

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Ontario

Newgate 180 is Ontario’s leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre that has helped more than 5,000 people overcome their addictions. Located in beautiful Merrickville we offer a peaceful, private, supportive, home like setting for your recovery. Our addiction rehabilitation centre in Ontario welcomes clients from across Canada, the U.S., and Europe. 

We don’t just treat addiction; it’s our goal to improve the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health of our clients. Our addiction rehabilitation centre offers support to both families and employers of our clients. Statistics show that family involvement in treatment increases recovery success; family involvement ensures success both at our men and women’s facilities and at home.  

With a nearly 50-year history of success, there are many reasons to choose Newgate 180 addiction rehab centre. 

Our Addiction Rehab Centre Treats:

Using our customized approach to treatment, our Newgate 180 addiction rehab centre treats eight different types of addiction.as follows:

Alcohol Addiction

We support our clients as they overcome alcohol addiction. We offer evidence-based treatments and will develop a treatment plan using a tailored approach to your case.  

Amphetamine Addiction

Our drug rehab centre offers a means to help you overcome an addiction to amphetamines. We’ll use an addiction treatment program that is designs specifically for you. We’ll stand by you during your journey to recovery.

Benzodiazepine Addiction

We offer immediate help to individuals who struggle with a benzodiazepine addiction. This help begins with a comprehensive assessment and counselling by a relapse prevention counsellor. We’ll then teach you coping skills and stress management, which will pave the way to your recovery. 

Cocaine Addiction

Our addiction rehabilitation centre offers treatments that align with individuals struggling with cocaine addiction. We’ll offer stress management and support with mental health issues. We also provide group counselling.  

Gambling Addiction

Newgate 180 offers gambling addiction treatment. Dedicated counsellors and a personalized, individual treatment plan are key to our methods at Newgate 180. We’ll also help with other issues, such as stress and anxiety. 

Hallucinogen Addiction

Our programs offered to clients include hallucinogen addiction treatment, helping you change your life and leave addiction behind. We’ll also help you overcome your mental health challenges. 

Marijuana Addiction

We use an approach to marijuana addiction treatment that focuses on the underlying cause. Our dedicated relapse prevention counsellor will meet with you and provide individual counselling and the holistic care you need to ensure you thrive. 

Opioids Addiction

Our alcohol and drug rehab centre offers opioid addiction treatment with counselling sessions to help you address the factors that bring about opioid useWe will give you access to coping skills and the means to manage mental health disorders and concerns. We will also strengthen your ability to navigate your unique journey to recovery. 

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Newgate 180’s counselling team is available to help you immediately. We offer fees that are more affordable than most private centres thanks to our non-profit status. We’ll support you in your goal of managing and recovering from addiction during our all-inclusive 12-month program. It doesn’t matter what addiction you have. We are dedicated to your addiction recovery. We’ll support you, in all aspects of your life, in body, spirit, mind, and soul. 

Contact our addiction rehab centre today. We’ll support you 24/7. 

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