Executive Director’s Note

At Newgate 180 we understand the pain and the torment individuals and their families experience when living with addiction.


By Peter Kunst

Executive Director


I am very happy that you are here reading this note because I know that for many of you right now, right here, you may feel desperate and perhaps even at the end of your rope because you have an addiction and you feel out of control, helpless and hopeless.

With your determination and your commitment, hope will become your reality. Together with our caring and compassionate team of professionals you will begin to recognize your old self, the person you were before addiction took over your ability to see a positive future. You will also learn that there are others just like you who have found health, happiness and serenity in their lives through recovery. It starts with you and a call to us.

As Executive Director at Newgate 180, I base my understanding of addiction on my 28 years of working closely with people suffering with this disease.

The Newgate program includes your family members and employers where appropriate to make sure when you are better your entire life and the relationships in it are better too.

Having experienced addiction in my own life, my insight into the struggles faced by those fighting with addiction is both personal and profound. I know what you are going through.

At Newgate 180, we understand the urgency of every situation and we quickly respond to all calls. We believe anyone involved with, or suffering from an addiction, is entitled to support and has the right to retain their dignity while being treated with respect.

For more than 40 years, it has been our business and our mission to work with men and women who have lost their way due to addiction and we have committed ourselves to helping them regain hope through compassion and respect.

Newgate 180 is a team of highly-skilled professionals, each dedicated to providing our clients with a rewarding, stimulating, and life-changing experience.

If you are reading this message right now, I urge you to take that first, brave step and reach out to us…Newgate 180 can help.

We have the team, we have the knowledge, and we have the experience. Peace is within reach.

Peter KunstExecutive Director