Ontario’s #1 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Newgate 180 has been one of Canada’s leading and most respected drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction rehabilitation treatment centres for more than 40 years. Founded in 1975, Newgate 180 has successfully treated more than 4,000 clients, helping them to overcome their addictions and live happy, functional, full lives. Our experienced, certified staff create custom treatment programs for each of our clients because we understand that all of our clients are different, so we develop treatment programs that are customized, focused, and above all, successful. For more information or to enroll in our addiction rehab treatment program, contact us today!

Newgate 180 Rehab Centre: More Than 4,000 People Successfully Treated

Newgate 180 is a renowned rehab centre that believes in a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, involving the body, mind, and soul. Our clients take part in individual counselling sessions with our certified staff, along with group sessions involving fellow
Newgate 180 clients.

We also focus on the physical well-being of our clients; while at Newgate 180 you will eat delicious, healthy food prepared specifically for you by our in-house chef. Our nutritionist creates custom meal plans for our clients so they can continue their healthy eating habits
after they leave Newgate. We have an impressive exercise facility on-site and develop customized exercise programs for our clients. Our fitness programs also include yoga, reiki, and acupuncture.

The Newgate 180 approach to addiction treatment includes a focus on family and close friends because support is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process. While our clients generally stay at our facility for approximately one month, we also have an 11-month ongoing care program aimed at helping our clients and their loved ones continue to progress.

Proven At-Work Drug Rehab Programs

Along with treating individuals at our rehab centre, Newgate 180 also has a long, successful history helping companies, unions, and other organizations handle addiction issues among their employees. We have the resources and expertise to help organizations overcome addiction issues among their staff. We can provide valuable at-work workshops and seminars for companies, unions, and organizations of all sizes. We will give you the information and advice you need to effectively deal with staff addiction issues ranging from drugs to alcohol to gambling. If you have employees facing addictions, we will host them at our top-notch facility and treat them for 30 days, then provide comprehensive ongoing support to help your staff member stay on track and kick their addiction permanently.

Your Premier Drug Rehab Centre in Merrickville, Ontario

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling with Newgate 180 is our tranquil setting. While many addiction rehab treatment centres are located in big cities with bright lights, loud noises, and seemingly endless traffic, Newgate 180 is located in the beautiful town of Merrickville, Ontario. Newgate 180 is secluded, peaceful, and the perfect place for clients to focus on their rehabilitation without distractions.

Our Mission

To provide immediate, innovative residential and workplace treatment and solutions to enable people to recover from addiction and mental health issues.