At Work Programs

Addiction in the workplace can affect safety, reputation and productivity. We can help train you to deal with addiction and help your employees struggling with addiction.

We offer workplace training which includes:

  • Psychological and physical effects of alcohol and drug use
  • Early warning indicators of substance users
  • Workplace initiatives toward prevention and early intervention
  • Techniques for reaching employees with suspected addiction problems
  • Diffusion of aggression
  • Dealing with resistance, defensiveness, and denial
  • Development of policy standards unique to the company
  • Formulation of procedures for implementation of the policy
  • Human Rights and consequences of policy violations

We offer individual programs which includes:

  • Exclusive, tailor-made programs for employers and employees
  • Immediate Response, consultation and intervention within the workplace
  • Address specific workplace stresses and challenges
  • Prepare employees to cope in healthy, productive ways
  • Continuing care and reintegration back into the workplace
  • 30 day Residential treatment, 11 months out-patient
  • Serene, private location


For more information on Newgate 180’s “At Work” program delivering education, policy development and treatment of addiction to many successful businesses and organizations across Canada, please click on “At Work”.