At Work Programs

Ten per cent of employees nation-wide suffer from some form of addiction, and this growing health issue is costing companies millions of dollars in lost productivity each year.


Addiction in the workplace can affect safety, reputation and productivity. We can help you deal with addiction and help your employees get their working lives back again.

  • Immediate Response, consultation and intervention within the workplace
  • Exclusive, tailor-made programs for employers and employees
  • Address specific workplace stresses and challenges
  • Prepare employees to cope in healthy, productive ways
  • Continuing care and reintegration back into the workplace
  • 28 days Residential treatment, 11 months out-patient
  • Serene, private location

For more information on Newgate 180’s “At Work” program delivering education, policy development and treatment of addiction to many successful businesses and organizations across Canada, please click on “At Work”.

The Newgate 180 Difference

At Newgate 180 there is no long waiting list, in fact, in many cases, we can accept clients within 24 hours if and when they are ready and willing to begin the process of change.