Welcome Kit

We would like you to know that we appreciate how you may be feeling at this time. If you are anxious about coming to treatment, be assured it is a very common feeling. Often the hardest part is making the decision to come to treatment. Soon after arriving, our clients begin to feel more comfortable and certain that they have made the right decision. Knowing what to expect may alleviate some of your anxiety.

Newgate 180 strives for a family-type setting rather than an institutional one. The home-like atmosphere of our facilities is highly conducive to our clients’ efforts to develop a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

Our Men’s Residence, a large, three-storey manor home, is located on the banks of the Rideau River in the picturesque Village of Merrickville, just thirty minutes south of Ottawa. Two residential floors house our clients in private, home-like quarters. The main floor features large, well-appointed living and dining rooms and a professional-grade kitchen. A large group activity room, an exercise room and laundry facilities are located downstairs and offices are situated in a separate wing.

Our Women’s Residence, an inviting modern home, is located in a quiet, semi-secluded setting just two minutes from the Rideau Canal. The house offers modern comfort with a residential floor houses offering our clients in semi-private, home-like quarters. The main floor features a spacious living area, a well-equipped kitchen and dining room and laundry facilities. The lower floor offers office and activity areas, plus private counselling rooms. The grounds are spacious and relatively secluded and are bordered by trees on two sides.

The program at Newgate 180 involves group sessions, individual counselling and written assignments. Residents regularly attend a community support group of their choice, such as AA or NA. Program activities begin at 9 a.m. and finish at approximately 8 p.m. Monday to Friday. The initial day or two will be spent becoming oriented with the house and completing an assessment process after which you will begin to participate in group and private counselling activities.

We expect the first weekend to be spent in-house without visitors in order to allow you to settle in and begin the process of self-examination that is so vital to your recovery. We will work with you around structuring your weekends, giving you time to complete assignments, settle in or explore the surroundings.

Laptops, cellphones and pagers are not permitted. However, there is a phone available for your use during non-program hours for local calls or for long distance calls made on a calling card. Bedding is provided, as are kitchen supplies and groceries. Most meals are prepared for you.

You are responsible for bringing your own towel, clothing, and personal toiletries; this includes shampoo, dental-care items, brush/comb, etc. Laundry machines and supplies are located on the premises.

Depending on the season, some sporting equipment may be appropriate. We encourage healthy physical activity as part of the program.

Newgate 180 serves people from many different backgrounds. We promote an atmosphere in which all are welcome and differences are celebrated. It is the expectation that no one will engage in any behaviour that is derogatory or insulting to any group. Therefore, comments, jokes, or remarks that are racist, sexist, and homophobic or denigrate any individuals or groups are unacceptable. Newgate 180 is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is permitted outdoors in designated areas.

If you arrive under the influence, or we feel that you require medical detoxification, you will be referred to the nearest available detox centre.

Following is a checklist of what to bring with you:

  • Your Health Card
  • Personal items: shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, etc.
  • Prescription medications, properly labelled and in the original containers and in sufficient quantities for your stay
  • Slippers and night attire
  • Wash cloths/towels
  • Clock radio/alarm clock
  • Track pants, running shoes and gym wear
  • Pocket change / spending money
  • For quiet times: appropriate reading material, sports equipment, address book, personal stereo, etc.
  • Umbrella and seasonal outdoor clothing
  • Payment as pre-arranged with the Business Office

Please do not bring the following items to Newgate 180:

  • Clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs or gambling
  • Substances containing alcohol (e.g. mouthwash, most sanitizers, etc.)
  • Laptop/notebook computers, cellphones, smartphones, if brought, are kept in the office.

Peter Kunst
Executive Director
Newgate180 Addiction Solutions

Directions to Newgate 180 Men’s Centre

435 Main Street East (Hwy. 43)
Merrickville, Ontario

NewGate 180

Directions from Ottawa:

  • Take 416 SOUTH for approx. 20-25 minutes.
  • Exit 34 (Kemptville) and turn RIGHT onto 43 WEST.
  • Follow road for approx. 15 minutes into Merrickville-Wolford. We are on the RIGHT, approx. 400m after the train bridge at the edge of town.

Directions from Toronto:

  • Take 401 EAST
  • Exit 705 (first exit past Brockville) for Maitland/Merrickville and head NORTH.
  • After 36 km, turn RIGHT onto the 43 just before the bridge in Merrickville.
  • Newgate 180 is approx. 1 km along, to the left.

– OR –

  • Take 401 EAST
  • At Prescott, take 416 NORTH
  • After 20-30 minutes, take Exit 34 (Kemptville) and turn LEFT onto 43.
  • Follow road for approx. 15 minutes into Merrickville-Wolford. We are on the RIGHT, approx. 400m after the train bridge at the edge of town.

Directions from Montreal:

  • Take 20 OUEST; becomes 401 WEST in Ontario.
  • At Prescott, take 416 NORTH.
  • After approx. 20 mins. Exit 34 (Kemptville) and turn LEFT onto 43 WEST.
  • Follow road for approx. 15 minutes into Merrickville-Wolford. We are on the RIGHT, approx. 400m after the train bridge at the edge of town.