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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centre Serving Peterborough

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centre Serving Peterborough

Our Newgate 180 drug and alcohol addiction rehab centre serves Peterborough as a non-profit, leading facility in Ontario. For 50 years, operating since 1975, we’ve achieved great success in addiction treatment. On account of the following factors, our alcohol and drug rehab has become renowned and greatly esteemed: 

  • Professional healthcare expertise 
  • Individualized treatments 
  • Home-like and welcoming environments 
  • A large scope of experience in helping with addiction recovery 

We deliver excellence in our treatments, which are all highly effective and implemented with compassion. Learn more about our addiction rehab centre and treatment programs offered below. 

Our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programs

At Newgate 180, we offer a selection of drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs for individuals in Peterborough. We provide the following comprehensive addiction treatment programs:








Why Choose Newgate 180 for Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Peterborough?

In making the choice to use Newgate 180’s drug and alcohol rehab in Peterborough, you have the support of an addiction treatment centre that prioritizes quality care. We offer tailored treatment plans and leading approaches to individuals who struggle with addiction. 

The services offered at Newgate 180 focus on treating addictions and mental health disorders. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you focus on a journey towards wellness. Compassion, empathy and a warm, nurturing environment are also fundamental in our approach to addiction and mental health treatment.  

Our services are chosen by Peterborough residents for the following reasons: 

Unique and Custom Treatment Plans – We extend unique and custom treatment plans to every client. Our plans are tailored to each individual. We’ll strive, from our first meeting, to fully acknowledge your needs, as this ensures we create the right solution for you. 

Comprehensive and Holistic Methods – Our care is not limited to a single issue. Our comprehensive and holistic methods shape our approach. At all hours, we focus on your spiritual, physical well-being and your mental health. 

Skilled Healthcare Experts – Every member of our team is a skilled healthcare expert. Certifications and experience ensure they deliver superior standards in care and treatment. 

Home-Like and Welcoming Facilities – Our facilities are home like and non-clinical. We want you to be able to enjoy the warm and welcoming facilities we offer at Newgate 180. 

50 Years of Success – We are very proud of our nearly 50 years of treatment success. Our treatments have supported more than 5,000 residents. 

Accessible Care – 24/7 care makes our skilled healthcare experts available no matter the time of day. We’re here when you need us most. 

CCA Accreditation – Our CCA accreditation from the Canadian Centre of Accreditation speaks to our ongoing delivery of dedicated and excellent care.  

Affordable Treatment and Care – Our non-profit status ensures each client reaps the benefit of accessible, affordable treatment and care. 

Options for Financing – Newgate 180 understands that drug rehab fees can be difficult to handle. Navigate to our financing options to explore how you or a family member can access this funding. 

Long-Term and Ongoing Support – Care doesn’t cease after your initial stay with us. We’ll provide ongoing support for 11 months afterward. 

Facilities for Men & Women – Innovative and comprehensive facilities for men and women are on offer. Find out more about them by checking them out in an online tour. 

Program Fees that Are All Inclusive – A full year of treatment is included in our all-inclusive fees. These fees are more affordable than most other private treatment centres thanks to our non-profit status. 

Integration of Loved Ones – Where possible, we integrate loved ones into your care. We want you to know that recovery is not done in isolation, so we’ll always strive for family integration in the treatment. 

Trying to find more details about our addiction rehab centre in Peterborough? Click the link below for more information on our extensive patient support. 

The Team Behind Newgate 180

Our team is made up of counsellors and specialized practitioners in treating addiction. Our team also has naturopathic doctors and professionals certified in relapse prevention, as well as dietary aid experts. Together, we have one purpose. We aim to help you manage and overcome addiction. Learn more about our team of skilled professionals available to help you in Peterborough.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Success Stories

Find out more about the truly remarkable accounts of success provided by our previous clients who have overcome addiction and achieved recovery and wellness with Newgate 180. In their inspirational stories, our combined dedication to perseverance and exceptional care shines through.

Contact Our Addiction Rehabilitation Centre Serving Peterborough

The Newgate 180 team makes it our mission to see you succeed. No matter if you haven’t yet navigated this challenging journey, you won’t have to walk it alone. Newgate 180’s addiction rehab centre in Peterborough is easy to access. Reach out to us. Count on us, any time to be there for you. 

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FAQs About Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Peterborough

How available is the Newgate 180 drug and alcohol rehab service?

We dedicate ourselves to offering services at any time. We pride ourselves on offering support 24/7. No matter how large or small the issue you are facing might be. Whether you’re struggling with addiction and mental health issues or other related issues, we’re here at all times. 

How does Newgate 180 handle relapse prevention?

At Newgate 180, we design and deliver educational sessions as part of your individualized treatment and relapse prevention. We don’t stop there, though. We teach clients coping strategies. We’ll develop an individualized plan designed to avoid a relapse. We also help implement this plan throughout our continuing care. 

Are family members allowed to be a part of treatment?

Without a doubt. We consider the involvement of family members and loved ones essential. In our family programs, we want your loved ones to help you on your road to recovery. We’ll also aim to educate them on addiction and how it impacts lives. 

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