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MERRICKVILLE, ON, October 2015 – Newgate 180 today launched a new strategy to substantially increase its ability to help working people and their families deal with substance and gambling abuse issues.

According to Newgate 180 Executive Director Peter Kunst, the not-for-profit organization has begun a “major marketing and communications effort” to increase its reach and name recognition in a number of key markets, including Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

“We have been serving a steady clientele in our Merrickville women’s and men’s facilities for decades,” Kunst said. “However, we know there are many people out there dealing with addiction who could use our services so we want to make sure that if they are looking for us they can find us.”

Kunst said Newgate 180 has recently revamped its website, will be introducing social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and will be reaching out to specific organizations in the area to ensure employers and others are aware of its unique approach to treating substance abuse and gambling addiction.

That approach includes the fact that Newgate 180 has no long waiting lists and can often admit clients within 24 hours. In addition, Newgate treats clients with respect and allows them to keep their dignity while working closely with family members and employers to ensure that when a person completes their 11-month program they are ready for all facets of their lives, both personal and professional..

“What we are hoping to do is to ensure that those suffering with substance abuse or gambling issues have all the options in front of them when they make the brave decision to seek help,” Kunst said. “We offer real solutions to real problems and treat the entire person – mind, body and spirit – and have found this approach reduces or eliminates the chance of recidivism.”

Look for more information in the coming weeks about Newgate 180’s programming on its website with stories of hope from former clients, testimonials from current and former corporate clients and others as well as information on the organization’s plans for the future.

For more information, media may contact:

Peter Kunst
Executive Director
Newgate 180 Addiction Solutions
Merrickville, ON